IDPB Ascension MP3s

We've ran out of CDs! You can still purchase our Ascension album in MP3 format (256kbps).

We are pleased to announce that our Ascension concert recording has been released as a double CD on the 18th of December 2013. When producing the album we realised that there were just too many sets we wanted to share with people so decided to release the entire show. The Albums come in one package with an eight page booklet containing all tune names and some humorous background stories to them!

Here is what Bob Worrall had to say about the concert:
«The 2013 Pre-World's “Ascension” concert was, without question, one of the most creative and inspirational concerts I have attended. The sold out audience at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall was entertained with unparalleled musical and artistic diversity. The band and their supporting performers tapped into all of our emotions. This live recording captures a great moment in the history of pipe bands. A standing ovation performance from start to finish.»

Samples and info available on the Ascension page.


Price: £10.00

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